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Are you destined to be famous | Astrology readings – Birth Chart | Horoscope Astrology

Are you destined to be famous | Astrology readings – Birth Chart | Horoscope Astrology

Planets play a very vital role in providing you the opportunities to become famous and popular among the crowd.  And, Astrology readings can help you know in advance, if you are fortunate enough to be famous.

Apparently, one can become popular by his deeds, knowledge and hard work.  But, in practical life, we can find thousands of people who are very knowledgeable and diligent; but not so popular.  Believe it or Not –  as per astrology, when one is destined, he is automatically thrown in to the circumstances which can make him popular. Well, there is a catch in it.  Though the idiom, “every kind of popularity is a good popularity”, does prevail and hold its practicality in the current society,  I bet no one would like to be popular because of his negativity and/or evil deeds. Astrology readings for you

As per vedic astrology, the combination of second, and tenth houses in a Birth Chart | Horoscope plays a vital role in deciding whether one will be famous or otherwise.  The influence of Ninth and Fifth houses in a Birth Chart | Horoscope denotes the amount of fame/defame, one may experience during his lifetime.  The planets which become ruler of these houses in the Birth Chart | Horoscope are also important, in addition to the strength of the planets.  In short, the influence of Ninth and Fifth house lords over the lords of tenth and/or second houses generate popularity for the native concern.  Sometimes, the influence of benefit planets is so strong in the Birth Chart | Horoscope that despite being born in a middle class family, the person can be enormously famous. Astrology readings for you


Abhishek Bachchan_Birth Chart | Horoscope | Astrology readings

This is the Birth Chart | Horoscope |  of Abhishek Bachchan.  As is clearly evident in his Birth Chart | Horoscope, the lord of Second house i.e. Mars has gone to Eighth house.  Though, the aspect of Mars over its own sign in Second house does have some positive implication, but the overall strong effect is missing.  In addition to this, the Tenth lord Moon has gone to sixth house.  The only positive indication is the placement of Saturn (lord of Fifth and Fourth house) in the Tenth house and the aspect of Ninth lord Mercury over Saturn.  The mutual aspect between Mercury and Saturn is very auspicious but the bad placement of Mars and Moon is restricting his popularity and fame; which he deserves on account of his great acting skills. And, you can see how astrology readings can accurately pick the pros and cons of a specific planetary placement in a Birth Chart |  Horoscope. Astrology readings for you


Salman Khan_Birth Chart | Horoscope | Astrology readings

And, this is the chart of Salman Khan.  Well, what a great combination of planets he has got in Tenth house of his Birth Chart | Horoscope.   Salman Khan has got exalted Rahu in Second House of his Birth Chart | Horoscope. And there is  Exalted Mars conjunct with Second Lord Venus in Tenth house of his Birth Chart | Horoscope besides the mutual aspect between the lords of Ninth and Fifth houses .  What else one can pray for to have in his Birth Chart | Horoscope!

Had it not been the negative combination of Saturn and the Moon in his Eleventh house, he might have been more popular than Michael Jackson in the whole world. And, this is one of the best Birth Chart | Horoscope on which one would like to give Astrology readings. Astrology readings for you

So fellows, if you like – you can also get your Birth Chart | Horoscope analyzed to have the astrology readings in this regard.  Who knows, maybe someone of you has already got such fortunate combinations of planets in his Birth Chart | Horoscope and just awaiting the Goddess of fortune to shower the blessings. Astrology readings for you


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