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Financial role of Planets in birth chart | astrology readings

Financial role of Planets in birth chart – astrology readings | Birth Chart Astrology

In Vedic astrology, we have got nine planets viz. the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu  (north node) and Ketu (south node).

Out of these nine planets,  Jupiter, Moon, Mars and Rahu are specifically related to finance and money in birth chart.  These four planets, when well placed and strong in a birth chart, bless the native with finance and status during their main and/or sub-period.  The amount of wealth depends upon the lordship of these planets in the birth chart.  Besides, the intra-planetary relationship of these planets with other benefic planets in the birth chart is also to be considered.

Weakness on the part of these four planets produces contrary results.  And, if under such case Jupiter, Moon, Mars or Rahu become malefic for a birth chart by ruler-ship of malefic houses of the birth chart – the native suffers a lot on account of finance during the main and/or sub-periods of these planets.


In order to have clarity on it, let us see the following birth chart

Out of the four planets, specifically related with finance, only one the Moon is well placed and exalted in the chart.  Jupiter has turned into a malefic in this birth chart, as it rules the malefic houses namely the twelfth and the third.  Its placement in exaltation in the seventh house of the birth chart, will now give negative results in respect of the significations ruled by Jupiter.  As such, Jupiter rules the house of losses and expenses (12th house), it will not allow the native to save and invest money.

The Mars is lord of 4th and 11th houses of which eleventh house is related with financial gains.  And, Mars has gone to eighth house of the birth chart.  Such placement of Mars is not at all welcomed in terms of finance and money as in the eighth house of the birth chart, Mars will destroy the income and gains of the native.

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Rahu, another wealth and finance giving planet, is placed in the fourth house in the sign of Mars which is already weak and ill placed.  The nodes (Rahu and Ketu) are mainly dependent upon their dispositors for delineating results attributed to them.  And, in this case Rahu too has turned weak.

Besides, the second lord of the birth chart i.e. Saturn has gone to the house of malefic Jupiter and is under malefic aspect of Jupiter from the seventh house.  And this also added to the already mentioned negative influence of planets in respect of money, finance, gains and wealth.

The native came into my contact around 10 years ago, when he was facing acute financial problems.   At that time the native was undergoing the mahadasa of Rahu and despite his best efforts he was not able to earn reasonably.  He was suggested appropriate remedial measures for appeasement of Jupiter and Mars; and with the help of astrological remedies he was able to improve his situation towards average.  Since, after the Rahu mahadasa – the native is undergoing the mahadasa of Jupiter; the pace of improvement is slow.  Besides, he stopped having contact with me during initial stage of Jupiter’s mahadasa.  And, it was only after having reasonable financial loss in stock market during the earlier phase of Jupiter’s mahadasa; that the native again contacted me for his grievances over financial problems.  Since then, the native is under regular contact with me and his situation is improving moderately in view of the significant malefic influence over his financial aspect in the birth chart.

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