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Astrology readings can play a major role in helping you to decide over the following common curiosities regarding your job, career and/or business:

  1. What career is right for me?
  2. What career is best for me?
  3. What career is right for you?
  4. What career for me?
  5. What career is for you?
  6. What job is right for me?
  7. What job is best for me?
  8. What job for you?
  9. Whether job is best suitable for you or you are best suited for business?

Astrology readings can give you advance indication and answers for the above mentioned questions on job, career and business.

The third, seventh and tenth house of a birth chart | horoscope indicates towards the job, business, career and profession etc. one may take up.  Astrology readings regarding strength of these houses can indicate whether one may go for doing job or one may start his own business.

Sometimes, it does happen that suddenly one may start feeling uncomfortable in his current job or profession or business; and starts having inclinations towards a total different field of job, business or profession.  This happens mainly because of the change in the dasa/main or sub-period of planets in the birth chart.

If the third and seventh houses in the birth chart of a native are more strong then tenth house, quite often such natives prefer to have independent profession or business, in place of opting for job as a career.  The strong tenth house indicates inclination towards job and salary; and when the second and fifth houses are also strong, such natives enjoy high position and status in their job. Astrology readings regarding influence of planets over third, seventh and tenth houses and their lords denotes about the professional or business sector, in which the native may have interest and excel.

Let me show you some example astrology readings in this regard.

Astrology readings for example birth-chart 1:

The following birth chart is of a medical officer in armed force.


As can be seen in the birth chart | horoscope, tenth lord Mercury is placed in fourth house and aspects its own house.  The Saturn, lord of fifth and sixth house is strongly placed in 10th house along with Ketu.  The seventh lord Jupiter is debilitated while the third lord Mars is though strong but placed in 8th house of the birth chart | horoscope.

The astrology readings indicate that  strength of tenth house and tenth lord is more strong than third or seventh house, and hence the native opted for job.  In addition to this, during the career building time of the native, he was running under the mahadasa of Venus which is associated with weak seventh lord Jupiter.

The moderate strength of third lord has given the inclination of having an independent profession to the native, but weakness of Jupiter has not allowed him to materialize his desire.  The astrology readings clearly indicate that influence of Sun over the tenth lord in fourth house and placement of ketu and Saturn in tenth house has helped the native to pursue and succeed in medicinal field.


Astrology readings for example birth-chart 2:


In this birth chart, the third lord Jupiter is exalted in the tenth house and the tenth lord is also exalted in eighth house.  The seventh lord is placed in lagna along with Ketu.  Third and tenth lords viz. Jupiter and the Moon respectively both are exalted but the tenth house of the birth chart is more strong in comparison to the third house.  The native opted for govt service though the strength of third lord Jupiter is always urging him to have his independent professional setup.  During the antardasa of ninth and twelfth lord Mercury, the native went overseas on official assignment is preparing for having some independent profession/venture in coming years after completion of his official assignment period.


Astrology readings for example birth-chart 3:

This is the birth chart of Abhishek Bachchan

As per the astrology readings of this birth chart of Mr. Abhishek Bachchan,  the tenth lord Moon is placed in sixth house along with the lord of sixth and third house Jupiter.  Jupiter being placed in its own sign is more powerful than Moon and in this case, the tenth lord is under direct and significant influence of Jupiter ruling third and sixth houses in the birth chart.  The tenth house is occupied by yoga-karaka Saturn while the third house is occupied by Venus, the lord of ascendant.  Hence both tenth and third houses are being occupied by benefic planets and overall having similar strength.  The astrology readings further denote that seventh lord Mars has gone to eighth house, denoting some obstacles in independent professional setup, while the combination of Jupiter and Moon is indicating that the native may not opt for job or service.  The aspect of Mars on the Venus placed in third house has slightly added to the strength of the third house in the birth chart while the aspect of the Jupiter, as a lord of third and sixth house, has somewhat diminished the strength of Saturn in the tenth house in the birth chart of Abhishek Bachchan.

Overall astrology readings show that the comparative strength of tenth house is less than third and seventh houses, and it is therefore, Abhishek Bachchan is trying his luck in acting.  The weakness of Mars being placed in eighth house has not allowed him success, which he deserves.  While the operation of main period of Venus [ placed in third house], from January 1991 to December 2011 has prompted Abhishek Bachchan to choose acting as his career in place of opting for some job/profession meant for monthly remuneration.


Astrology readings for example birth-chart 4:

This chart belongs to a person who failed to get basic academic education.

The astrology readings of tenth and seventh houses are somewhat similar because both the houses are ruled by one planet i.e. Mercury which is exalted in tenth house and is placed with Lagna Lord Jupiter and debilitated Venus ruling sixth and eleventh houses in the birth chart.  The third house is occupied by Rahu, while the lord of third house Saturn is debilitated placed in fifth house of the birth chart.  However, Saturn is retrograde and hence become strong despite being debilitated.  Saturn is also having aspect of the Sun, lord of the Ninth house.

The seventh house is aspected by Saturn, Rahu and Mars.  The native worked under the supervision of his elder brother in the factory till 2001.  In Sept 2001, the antardasa of Saturn started in the mahadasa of Ketu.  And, the native started feeling uncomfortable in continuing working under his brother.  He started his own business in 2001-2002 and is now independent.

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