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The second and eleventh houses of a horoscope are related with wealth, prosperity and success in financial matters.  The fifth and ninth houses are related with support of fortune/luck. Mutual relationships between second, eleventh, fifth and ninth houses in a horoscope denote great success and financial gains. Astrology readings can help in choosing the best suited business/profession for you.

If there are relationships between second, eleventh, fifth and ninth houses; the strongest of them will be very favorable.  And, if the main period of a favorable planet is operational – the native enjoys success and wealth very easily.

For example, see the following horoscope:

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The native was undergoing the malefic mahadasa of Venus till February 2010 and was struggling to have his independent business.  Till February 2010, he tried many businesses-professions-jobs but couldn’t get established despite his best efforts.  He was suggested to start a business related with Mars placed in the second house in Saturn’s sign.  He established a small manufacturing unit related with clothing in the December 2009; and after minor obstructions, this time the native became extremely successful and wealthy within one year.

Just note that the eleventh lord Venus is a malefic as it also rules sixth house and Venus is conjunct with another malefic Saturn.  Hence, during the mahadasa of Venus, the native faced severe problems in his professional and financial matters.  The onstart of Sun mahadasa and suitable astrology readings have helped him to achieve and enjoy the wealth and prosperity, he was dreaming since past 15 years.

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