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How to solve workplace problems-astrology readings

Workplace problems like harassment in the workplace, bullying in the work place and other problems in the workplace have been significantly increasing from the past few years.   Problems in the workplace can surface when the tenth house and/or ascendant are under negative impact of cruel planets; and at the same time – one is undergoing unfavorable planetary period(s).

Generally, it is the sixth and twelfth house lords which can cause absolute harassment in the workplace from seniors and colleagues.  The negative impact of eighth house causes obstructions in the performance of the native itself.  While the weak and afflicted third house can deny the courage required to oppose harassment and bullying in the workplace.

See the following example chart




The tenth house is occupied by twelfth lord Moon and Maraka planet Mercury.  Both the planets are under malefic aspect of Ketu (South Node) from sixth house.  The tenth house lord, though exalted, but placed in eighth house and is under aspect of Saturn from sixth house.  However, the lagna (ascendant) lord the Sun is quite strong in ninth house.

During the main-period of Jupiter and sub-period of Saturn, the native has to face severe harassment by his seniors and colleagues.  And, his promotion was withheld for no concrete reasons.  It was only because of strong ascendant lord and exalted tenth house lord – that the native was able to stay strong under those circumstances.

Astrology readings can easily identify such combination; and during unfavorable circumstances offer a reasonable solution to such problems.  Strengthening of relevant planets in accordance with the planetary periods, can give suitable relief for such problems.

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