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Courage of taking the risk and having the required skill are two of the most important ingredients of being a successful businessman. The rest depends upon the support of fate.  Doing job is reasonably secured and safe in comparison to business activities.  But the reward and potential of business always exceeds the salary, which you expect to have after completion of every month or week.

Third house of your horoscope is related with the courage and initiative.  Fifth house is related with the intelligence and skill required for independent business.  Seventh house is related with partnerships and financial investment.  Astrology readings of these three can indicate, well in advance, if the person is likely to be successful in business or he/she should opt for job.

Astrology readings and analysis of the third house are most important in terms of independent business.  Quite often, even after having the required knowledge and skill – the native fails to gather the courage required to take the risk involved.  And, this happens mainly because of weakness on the part of third house and its lord. There should be influence of positive male planets over this house for independent business.  The influence of female planets usually makes a person professional in place of absolute business person.  In short, the third house indicates whether the person will be able to make initiatives towards independent business or otherwise.

Astrology readings of the fifth house help in identifying the level of intelligence and the area of business.  The impact of positive planets over this house may give early and easy progress in the business.  While, the influence of cruel and negative planets may cause frequent obstructions.

Astrology readings of seventh house in horoscope denote if the native will have partnership business or not.  It also indicates level of the business in financial terms i.e. whether the person will have high investment business with less application of skill or otherwise.  Like a person can open some shop where the requirement of finance is the main thing required.

See the following example chart 1




Mars as ruler of third house is exalted in fifth house. Tenth Lord Mercury has gone to sixth house.  The seventh house is occupied by Exalted Venus and the Sun.  The placement of Mars and Jupiter in fifth is not desirable as such Mars is also lord of Eighth house.  While Jupiter is a strong Maraka planet for Virgo ascendant and is debilitated.  The native started his motor-spare-parts shop in Venus/Mercury which was doing quite good till start of Moons Mahadasa.  And then, the native lost interest in his business and tried to get into some more profitable business.  He had got bored of doing just selling and buying on the shop and wanted some good project to work upon.  The native was advised to continue his shop; but he could not.  And, after trying for around 2 years and incurring losses, the native is now again back with his routine business of selling spare parts.

Example Chart -2




Third house lord Mars is placed in second house with Ketu.  Lord of Tenth house Mercury has gone to sixth house along with Moon and the Sun.  Fifth house lord Saturn is placed in seventh house along with exalted Venus.  The native was doing fine in trading metal products.  But, he thought of becoming more good in entrepreneurship and wanted to be a business tycoon.  He was also advised not to take any such initiatives; and be content with whatever is destined for him.  The placement of Mars in the second house is highly undesirable for wealth and status.  While the placement of Moon and Mercury in sixth house is again weakening the ascendant and eleventh house.  This native too, did not accepted the advise and went for a big project.  That project failed and native incurred huge losses.  And, even after that in order to prove something – he tried to make something big in business entrepreneurship.  And, this time he became bankrupt and now living on the mercy of others.

Astrology readings, if given true respect, can warn you well in advance about such things.  For personal astrological readings of your horoscope, you may visit Birth Chart Astrology.


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