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Can I be successful in sports- Cricket Astrology Readings

Can I be successful in sports- Cricket Astrology Readings

Success in sports depends upon strength and favor of third and sixth houses besides the positive impact of Mars, Mercury and Rahu in the birth chart or horoscope.

Astrology readings suggesting strong and favorable third house blesses a person to make suitable physical efforts required to be physically efficient for sports.  This, however, does not imply strongly for the sports specifically related with mind like chess.  But for success in physical sports like cricket, hockey, soccer, football, boxing etc. the strength and favor of third house is must.

Sixth house denotes enemies, besides other things, and astrology readings of sixth house are required to judge the capacity of winning under pressure situations.  In every sport, one has to register his victory to be successful.  And, strength of sixth house is must to deliver the results of one’s efforts in terms of physical sports.  Astrology readings suggesting strong and favorable sixth house can deliver the positive results within short span of time and without much delay.

Astrology readings of Mars strength in the birth chart indicate about the physical fitness and stamina of the native in the play ground.  Strong Mars having positive relationship with the third house blessed the native with strong physique and courage.  Astrology readings of Mercury and its favorable relationship with the third and/or sixth house adds to the technical skills of the sport concerned.  The favorable disposition of Rahu in the birth chart ensures positive and winning attitude, specifically in Cricket.

Let us now dig into horoscopes of some famous cricketers for astrology readings of their birth chart.

Astrology readings of Mahendra Singh Dhoni birth chart



The third house is under aspect of its own lord Mars from ninth house.  The sixth lord Saturn is strongly placed in the ascendant (Lagna) along with Jupiter and Moon.  Mercury is placed in its own sign in Gemini along with the Sun.  And, the Rahu is conjunct with highly auspicious Venus in eleventh house.  The planetary placements and strength are clearly indicating lot of talent and success in the birth chart of Mahi, the captain of current Indian Cricket Team.  However, the current antardasa of Mercury started from September 2010 to mid April 2013 may not be much favorable for Dhoni.

Astrology readings of Anil Kumble birth chart



In the Anil Kumble birth chart, the lord of third house Saturn is debilitated and placed in sixth house, which is not a positive indication apparently.  However, the Saturn is retrograde, which makes it quite strong even in its debilitation sign.  And,  Saturn is having aspect on its own house i.e. third house.  The Saturn is under aspect of highly benefic Jupiter, Mars and Ketu – and this has added significantly to the strength of third and sixth houses.  The planet Mars is placed with exalted Mercury in eleventh house along with the Sun.  Rahu is placed in fourth house and under positive aspect of Jupiter.  The strength of Mars, Mercury  & Rahu; and their relationship with third and sixth houses has made it possible for Jumbo to continue his cricket career successfully even under worst circumstances.  From October 1991 to October 2009 – Anil Kumble was under the mahadasa of Rahu, and this helped him significantly in achieving the heights of his career in cricket.


Astrology readings of Ajay Jadeja birth chart



This is the birth chart of Ajay Jadeja, ex-cricketer of Indian Cricket Team.  The lord of third house Moon has gone to twelfth house and is conjunct with debilitated Saturn.  The conjunction of Moon with Saturn is mediocre benefit as such Saturn is debilitated.  The third house is under aspect of Sun and Jupiter of which the aspect of Jupiter over third house is not positive.  The sixth house is under aspect of Moon, Saturn and Rahu which is fairly positive.  But the sixth lord Venus (also lord of ascendant) has gone to eighth house (ruling obstructions and failures) and is conjunct with Mercury.  The conjunction of Venus and Mercury is very auspicious; but because the conjunction is taking placed in eighth house – the results of this positive conjunction will not be permanent and and strong.  The Mars is conjunct with Jupiter and this again is not a healthy combination for Mars as such, Jupiter is highly negative planet for Taurus Ascendant.  Rahu is placed in tenth house and under aspect of Mars from seventh house. Therefore, there are certain good conjunctions which helped Ajay Jadeja to play for Indian National Cricket Team.  But his tenure was very short (1992-2000).  It was during the Mahadasa of the Sun and antardasa of Saturn, when his cricketing achievements were overshadowed by a five year ban.  And, it was only after onstart of Mahadasa of the Moon (Jan 2003 to Jan 2013) that Ajay Jadeja could get some relief when the ban was quashed on 27 January 2003 by the Delhi High Court.  The mahadasa of Mars will commence from mid January 2013 for next 7 years; and this period is highly inauspicious for Ajay Jadeja in respect of his health and career.

Astrology Readings of Sachin Tendulkar birth chart




Sachin Tendulkar is just another synonym for Cricket.  The great seer of Cricket was born when Virgo was rising in the ascendant.  The lord of third house is Mars which is exalted and placed in fifth house of his horoscope along with debilitated Jupiter.  Lord of sixth house Saturn is placed in another trine i.e. 9th house.  The placement of third and sixth lords in fifth and ninth house respectively is extremely favorable for significations related to these houses.  The Saturn is having its aspect on both third and sixth houses.  Mercury is debilitated, hence week.  Rahu is placed in fourth house along with lord of eleventh house Moon – which made Sachin Tendulkar extremely successful in his cricket career.  Rahu Mahadasa started from April 1996 and will remain operational till April 2014.   And, it may also happen that Sachin may decide taking rest from his Cricket career during Rahu dasa Mars Bhukti starting from March 2013 onwards till April 2014.


In the above birth charts, the astrology readings of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are somewhat similar in respect of Rahu’s positive influence over their professional and financial success.  While, in the birth chart of Ajay Jadeja, the Rahu’s mahadasa did not occur.  Astrology Readings can not only indicate the future happenings, but can also provide sufficient amount of relief during unfavorable periods. You may visit Birth Chart Astrology for professional astrology readings of your birth chart.


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  3. Amit says:

    Hi Mr Sharma,

    Thanks for you analysis of successful sportsman.

    I have some champion sportsmen who you may want to look at:

    I’ve got the birth data of Zinedine Zidane,the famous French soccer player, who won the 1998 world cup for France with his two headers, won the European championship in 2000 and won every throphy for his club and country. He has name, fame, prestige, wonderful marriage and wealth. He is one of the best soccer players ever.

    His birth data:
    Date: 23/06/1972
    Time: 3.00am
    Place: Marseilles, France

  4. Amit says:

    Rahul Dravid’s birth details:

    Date: 11/01/1973
    Time: 11.00am
    Place: Indore, India

    Sourav Ganguly:

    Date: 08/07/1972
    Time: 08.30am
    Place: Kolkata India

  5. Amit says:

    I have the famous Pakistan cricketer turned politician Imran Khan birth details.

    He is educated at Oxford university, he is one of the best cricketers ever and the best cricketer by far to come from Pakistan. He won the world cup in 1992. He was also a very handsome man and a charismatic cricketer.

    Date: 05/10/1952
    Time: Sagg rising (I am sure, exalted saturn in the 10th)
    Place: Lahore, Pakistan

    I will get back to you with his time, I am sure he is saggitarious rising.

    Sources: his latest biography (Imran Khan-the cricketer, the celebrity, the politician)

    I hope this further improves your skill and knowledge as a professional astrologer.

    All the best,

  6. *******Your welcome Mr Sharma.

    Here is the source, check post 2:
    The astrologer is an expert on western astrology. He is definitely a Taurus acsendent, it fits his face shape and his short hairstyle gives his acsendent sign easily (the bull connotations)******

    Thanks Amit.

    An ascendant remains operational for around two hours and predicting something mere on the basis of ascendant is not something which I do. Some times even a change of 2-3 minutes can make the difference. While in Zidane horoscope, it seems that the difference in the time of birth should be more than 30 minutes at least.

    Having the correct birth details, specifically the time of birth of a celebrity is really very tedious and hard job. Like the details of Sachin Tendular are different, specifically the time of birth, at different sites/blogs. And, it took me almost a year to conclude and adjust his time of birth on the basis of live and regular processing of events in his life.
    Like, you provided the time of birth of Sehwag as 8.00 AM. I do not know the correct time of birth of Sehwag. But I do know that this time is not correct at all and given by the family on very casual basis.
    In my opinion, the birth time of zidane is not matching and is probably not correct.


  7. larry blair says:

    Hmm is anyone else having problems with the pictures on this blog loading? I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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