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Captain Jack Sparrow may surprise-Johnny Depp Horoscope

Captain Jack Sparrow may surprise – Johnny Depp Horoscope – vedic astrology readings




Johnny Depp used to torture himself by inflicting scars on his body. This was done when he was undergoing the severe stress due to his family problems after separation of his parents. Vedic astrology readings are clearly indicating such self-destructive attitude of harming himself in the horoscope of Johnny Depp. The placement of ascendant lord in sixth house long with Ketu (South Node) and the aspect of the Maraka Saturn over the ascendant are sufficient to make a person so much self-evaluative and responsible to the extreme that he can torture himself.


Johnny Depp could not complete his academic education and was dropped out of school at the age of 15. This happened when the main period of Moon started in his horoscope. The reason behind not being able to complete his education is also clearly visible. Vedic astrology readings indicate that the fifth house is under aspect of negative planet Mercury, Venus and the Sun. The lord of fifth house is Mars which is placed in second house and under aspect of Ketu (South Node) from sixth house. And, the operation of Moon’s Mahadasa from September 1978 onwards acted as a trigger for these indications to take place in his life.


And, it is during the main period of the Moon started from September 1978 that he also got involved in drugs and alcohol. The reason behind this can also be seen clearly with the aid of vedic astrology readings. The second house is occupied by Mars. The lord of second house Sun is placed with malefic Mercury and Venus. Second house Mars is under aspect of South Node (Ketu) from sixth house. And, the Moon is placed in sixth house in conjunction with Ketu. And, it was the operation of Moon’s main-period which dragged him into alcohol and drugs.


Johnny Depp personal life and relationships remained troublesome. He first married Lori Anne Allison in December 1983. As per Johnny Depp vedic astrology horoscope, he was running under main-period of Moon and sub-period of seventh house lord Saturn. Saturn is retrograde and strongly placed in seventh house itself. The significator for wife, Venus, is conjunct with two malefic planets viz. Mercury and the Sun. The twelfth house lord Mercury is also not comfortable with its conjunction with the Sun. The first marriage of Johnny Depp could not survive longer and in the next sub-period of twelfth lord Mercury, the divorce took place in 1985. As per vedic astrology readings, the impact of malefic and cruel planets over the Venus and the strength of seventh lord being excessively more in comparison to the lord of ascendant resulted in many intense relationships.



The highlights of Johnny Depp horoscope are strong Saturn in seventh house, and the Jupiter placed in its own zodiac sign in ninth house. Though, he was in movies since 1984 but the real success in Depp’s life came during Rahu/Saturn(October 2000 to September 2003). It was during this period, when he tasted enormous popularity and success. “Once upon a Time in Mexico-2003” and the family block-buster “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)” made Johnny Depp internationally famous.

Vedic astrology readings of Johnny Depp indicate that he is still under main period of Rahu (North Node) till September 2013. The sub-period of Moon will operate from March 2011 to August 2012. And, Captain Jack Sparrow may surprise the audience in totally new avatar during this period.

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