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Rags to Riches – Helen Gurley Horoscope

Famous American writer Helen Gurley Brown was born on 18 February 1922 when Scorpio zodiac sign was rising in the ascendant as per vedic astrology horoscope.  She was the chief editor of “Cosmopolitan” magazine for around 30 years. One of her quotes, “bad girls go everywhere” is still maintaining its appeal.

helen-gurley-brown-horoscope-astrologyThe Cosmo-girl wrote her first and best-seller book, “Sex and the Single Girl” in 1962 before assuming the charge of editor-in-chief of “Cosmopolitan” magazine in 1965.  Helen Gurley Brown got married on 25 September 1959 at the age of 37 and it was her husband David Brown who inspired her for writing. Her next book, “Sex and the Office” in 1964 was not much successful. While editing “Cosmopolitan”, she wrote “The Single Girl’s Cookbook (1969)” and “Sex and the New Single Girl (1971)”.  And in 1982 Helen Gurley Brown came up with her next best seller “Having it all”.  In 1997, she gave up her editorship of “Cosmopolitan” to become editor-in-chief of international editions of the magazine.

David and Helen Gurley Brown

The life of Helen Gurley Brown is an absolute example of rising from rags to riches.  And, vedic astrology reading of her horoscope clearly indicate towards this. In her vedic astrology horoscope, Helen Gurley Brown has got Mars and debilitated Moon placed in her ascendant and this conjunction is under aspect of Saturn and Rahu(North Node).This becomes the first reason of her being outspoken advocate of women’s sexual rights.





The placement of Mercury in third house under positive aspect of Jupiter resulted into her deep interest in writing and diligent nature.  The placement of Sun and Venus in fourth house was the reason of being born in somewhat unhealthy financial conditions. Venus, being lord of seventh and twelfth houses, is a strong Marak planet for Scorpio ascendant.  The union of Venus with the tenth house lord Sun disturbs the significations of tenth house and Sun.

helen-brown-horoscope-astrologyAs per vedic astrology readings, the tenth house also signifies father, besides indicating the profession and success. Helen Gurley Brown took birth in somewhat poor family and her father died when she was just 10 years old. Vedic astrology horoscope of Helen Gurley Brown shows that she was running under sub-period of Venus in the main-period of Saturn from March 1931 to May 1934.

In addition to causing harm to the Sun, Venus itself got combust due to being too close to the Sun.  As lord of seventh house, Venus also rules over marriage and husband.  Jupiter is the primary symbol of Husband in a female’s vedic astrology horoscope.  And in Helen Gurley Brown horoscope this Jupiter is with Saturn and Rahu in eleventh house.  This became the reason for delay in her marriage.  However, as Jupiter is retrograde and seventh house of her vedic astrology horoscope is under aspect of benefic Mars and  Moon – Helen Gurley Brown did had good marital relationship.


Vedic astrology readings of Helen Gurley Brown horoscope indicate that she was under main period of Mercury from May 1943 to May 1960. And Mercury is also combust – therefore, during this whole period, Helen Gurley Brown was struggling in her career and her financial condition was not so strong.


The main-period of Ketu (South Node) started from June 1960 in vedic astrology horoscope of Helen.  And it was during the sub-period of ninth house lord Moon (1962) that she tasted her first professional and financial success, when her very first book “Sex and the Single Girl” turned out to be a best-seller. Vedic astrology reading for sub-periods of North Node and Jupiter (1994) did not show equally good results and Helen Gurley Brown could not enjoy much success with her next book  “Sex and the Office” in 1994.


What makes her vedic astrology horoscope quite strong in terms of financial and profession success?


Three planets are placed in eleventh house of gains namely the Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu.  Jupiter’s placement in eleventh house as lord of second house generates a Wealth Yoga (combination).  And, due to the involvement of Saturn in the Yoga, the results were delayed.  The eleventh house lord Mercury has tenanted the third house which is related with courage, initiatives and support.  And, because Mercury is also combust – it really took too much time for Helen Gurley Brown to express her extreme writing and editing talent and get benefited there from.

The placement of Mars in its own zodiac sign in the ascendant along with ninth lord Moon (though weak) has helped Helen Gurley Brown to continue her efforts even during very difficult situations of her life.

Vedic astrology reading of her third lord Saturn which is retrograde and placed along with Jupiter and South Node in eleventh house indicates her determined, confident and expressive attitude towards life.  It really takes lot of courage to maintain the ideology and attitude under the circumstances, which Helen Gurley Brown been through.  And, her vedic astrology horoscope matches very accurately with overall life and success in real terms.

Helen Gurley Brown will be celebrating her 89 Birthday on 18 February 2011 and Birth Chart Astrology wisher her all the best in her life.


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