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Champion of Fate Sylvester Stallone

sylvester-stallone-vedic-astrology-horoscope-rambo-1Oscar Winner Sylvester Stallone was born when Sagittarius zodiac sign was rising in the ascendant.  The vedic astrology horoscope of Sylvester Stallone is given below.

Ascendant lord Jupiter is strongly placed in tenth house.  However, the conjunction of the Moon with Jupiter is not completely auspicious as per vedic astrology readings because the Moon is the lord of eighth house.  The ascendant is under aspect of ninth lord Sun which is a very powerful and beneficial aspect.  In addition to this, another highly benefic planet Mars is placed in ninth house of Sylvester Stallone vedic astrology horoscope.


There are three planets in eighth house of Sylvester Stallone horoscope.  The Saturn, Venus and Mercury are placed in eighth house of Sylvester Stallone horoscope.  And, vedic astrology readings of this placement is highly undesirable for health, relationships, finance and parents.


Sylvester Stallone was born in a poor family and the left side of his face got paralyzed during his birth.  At the time of birth, Sylvester Stallone was running under antardasa of Saturn in the mahadasa of Mars.  The operation of main-period of  strong and well placed Mars was actually the life savior in this case.  While the combust Saturn made him suffer on account of paralysis of his face.  Saturn is the lord of second and third houses in Sylvester Stallone vedic astrology horoscope.  And, second house rules over face besides indicating wealth, status and family.  The ill placed, afflicted and combust Saturn in vedic astrology horoscope of Sylvester Stallone caused severe health issues right from the birth.


When Sylvester Stallone was just eleven years old, his parents separated.  At that time too, Sylvester Stallone was running under antardasa of Saturn in mahadasa of Rahu (North Node) as per his vedic astrology horoscope.  In addition to this, Sylvester Stallone had his collar bone fractured when he was jumping off the roof of his three story home during the AD of combust Saturn in eighth house.


The early life of Sylvester Stallone was quite troublesome.  His parents married life was not good at all.  Stallone odd face made him outcast in his schools and he was booted out of 14 schools for his behavior problems and poor performance in education.  The MD of Rahu (North Node) remained operational from March 1950 to February 1968.  Rahu is exalted and placed in sixth house in Sylvester Stallone vedic astrology horoscope.  While the lord of sixth and eleventh houses is placed in eighth house along with malefic Saturn and Mercury.  As per vedic astrology readings the sixth house is related with diseases and disputes (besides other things).  The eleventh house vedic astrology significations are friends and financial gains.  Venus placement in eighth house, as lord of both these houses, has given severely negative results during the MD of Rahu (North Node). Sylvester Stallone could not have good and friendly relationships during the Rahu (North Node) MD.  And, he was often in disputes and fights.

sylvester-stallone-vedic-astrology-horoscope-rambo-11The negative impact of planets continued in Sylvester Stallone vedic astrology horoscope even during the main-period of Jupiter and sub-period of Jupiter.  In order to survive in the penurious state, Sylvester Stallone has to work in a soft-pornographic movie, “The Party at Kitty and Stud’s (1970)” just for 200$.

It was only after start of Ketu (South Node) sub-period in the main-period of Jupiter (auspicious lord of first and fourth house) that Sylvester Stallone got an idea and wrote the script of , “Rocky (1976)” and got successful overnight as an actor. “Rocky” was nominated for ten Academy Awards and Sylvester Stallone won the Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Directing and Best Film Editing.

Rationally there was no chance for Sylvester Stallone to even imagine about the success he earned later on in his life.  While, vedic astrology readings are not only capable of indicating the negative events of the life but also appropriately gauging the potential of a horoscope.

The placement of Mars in ninth house in friendly zodiac sign Leo is making a highly beneficial combination of money.  The placement of Sun in seventh house having aspect over the ascendant is another first rate benefic placement in his horoscope.  The placement of Jupiter in tenth house is also very positive; though the conjunction of Moon with Jupiter causes a little bit obstruction.


The Mahadasa of Jupiter remained operational from March 1968 to February 1984.  And, after that the MD of negative Saturn was in operation.  And, again the Saturn started giving inauspicious results in Sylvester Stallone vedic astrology horoscope. Saturn’s mahadasa remained operational from March 1984 to February 2003.  And during this period,


Sylvester Stallone’s first marriage with Sasha Czack ended in divorce in February 1985. Thereafter, Sylvester Stallone married model and actress, Brigitte Nielsen in December 1985 – but the couple got separated in two years.  Then again Sylvester Stallone married Jennifer Flavin in May 1997 and in July 1997 Jennifer miscarried a baby.  At last, after too much trouble in his relationships and family life, Sylvester Stallone now shares three daughters from Jennifer Flavin. In 1996, Sylvester Stallone remained too much troubled as his daughter Sophia Rose underwent heart surgery.

In February 2007, Sylvester Stallone was detained in Sydney, Australia and the prosecutors alleged that he brought 48 vials of an illegal muscle building hormone, Jintropin.  At that time Sylvester Stallone was running under mahadasa of Mercury and Bhukti of Venus in his vedic astrology horoscope.  And, both these planets are placed in eighth house along with combust Saturn.  Vedic astrology readings of Venus placed in eighth house clearly indicate such problems related with disputes and legal matters during operation of Venus sub-period.

The champion of the fate, Sylvester Stallone is currently under main-period of Mercury and sub-period of Moon till mid September 2011.  Vedic astrology readings of this period are not very favorable for Sylvester Stallone and he should remain exclusively careful for his health.  Very recently, Sylvester Stallone has first exhibition of his paintings in New York and in addition to this Sylvester Stallone is also set to play role of a hitman in new movie ” Headshot”.

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