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About Me :)


My name is Raj Shekhar Sharma, age 38 years from Delhi, India.  I am an Online Astrologer.

I have done extensive research for around 16 years on Astrology and its applicability in our lives.  And, I am giving online astrology readings and consultations from the past 5-6 years.  This is really a very great feeling to be helpful to people when they are in great need. And, I am too much grateful to the Lord Sun that I have been blessed with in-depth understanding of Astrology, Occult and other para-normal aspects.

My astrology readings are a bit different from the routine computer generated texts, which one gets on various astrological websites. I prefer to communicate in the layman’s language so that you may understand what you are getting and how it is going to work for you.  In stead of mere copying the astrological readings and remedies from ancient texts, I design the remedies in a way that one can perform them easily and get optimum results.

The best way of knowing is by doing it on constant basis.  Visit my website   Birth Chart Astrology to know about my services.

Best wishes and Good Luck


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